Mission Innovation IC6 Report

Mexico City Workshop Report

Materials are an essential element of advanced energy technologies. Accelerating the discovery of new materials, and the associated research required for maturing these technologies into deployment, will require a multidisciplinary and international effort that brings together a wide variety of individuals working effectively across their specialties, as well as across sector and political boundaries. It will also require a radical departure from traditional forms of discovery.

Natural Resources Canada

Canada Joins as IC6 Co-Lead

Canada will join the U.S. and Mexico as co-leads of the Clean Energy Materials Innovation Challenge.

Mexican IC6 Workshop videos

Mexican IC6 Workshop Videos

The Energy Materials Innovation Workshop will bring together experts from around the world to identify critical research and development (R&D) priorities and gaps in clean energy materials innovation processes and explore opportunities for deeper collaboration.

Forbes Article

How Supercomputers Will Help To Accelerate The Emerging Energy Economy -

Humanity is making great progress with cheaper and cleaner renewable technologies. We are about to get a significant boost from supercomputers that can calculate at a quadrillion calls per second and will help us find better molecules for the...

Nature Article

Use machine learning to find energy materials - NATURE.COM

Artificial intelligence can speed up research into new photovoltaic, battery and carbon-capture materials, argue Edward Sargent, Alán Aspuro-Guzik and colleagues.